Nathan Sharpe’s trip to Brunel HQ

SES Labour Solutions’ Nathan Sharpe recently took a trip to Brunel’s international headquarters to meet with some of the organisation’s top leaders and talk strategy, building knowledge-sharing networks and the current climate of global recruitment and labour markets.

While in Amsterdam, Nathan spent a number of days with Brunel International CEO Jilko Andringa, founder Jan Brand and a collection of other leaders from across the Brunel’s global network, including Brunel Australasia Business Manager Mike Duncan.

“Brunel are running a global leadership development program, so they brought together about 16 leaders from offices around the world to learn about leadership, industry trends and just to get to know one another,” Nathan said.

“It was about Brunel investing in the next generation of the company’s potential leaders.”

Brunel International was founded in 1975 and has since blossomed into a global network with over 10,000 employees and 104 branch offices in 35 countries. SESLS became part of Brunel in late 2017 and have since become an integral part of the group’s Australasian operations.

Despite the extensive globe-trotting Nathan has done in the past, particularly in his capacity as a player and captain of the Australian national rugby team, this was his first visit to the Netherlands.

“Amsterdam is an amazing place and there was a lot for me to try to take in. Brunel’s office alone was quite an eye-opener in terms of scale and culture – the building is cutting edge with a great environmentally-friendly setup including a full cafeteria where employees can enjoy a discounted lunch together.

“Brunel’s been around for a long time and walking through the physical centre of the organisation you really get a sense of that history and scale, and you really do feel the success and energy within the company.

“For me it was a really positive, affirming experience. One of the key reasons that SES Labour Solutions became part of Brunel was the cultural alignment between the two companies. Brunel believes in building things and have a genuine appetite for investing in people and projects rather than treating opportunities as transactions. Walking through their headquarters you certainly get a feeling for that. They built a business around the idea of backing people and it’s clearly part of the organisation’s DNA.”