5 tips to improve your mining resume

When looking to get hired in the mining industry and improving your resume, our team believes there’s no magic bullet or golden piece of advice which will get you a job. In saying that, one of our top recruiters Matt H has shared a few common mistakes you can easily avoid.

Tip #1 – Keep resume up-to-date

It’s baffling how often people will submit outdated resumes which effectively short-change the amount of experience they have. Take the time to update your resume, including the addition of any new roles, skills or tickets. This is information will absolutely determine whether or not you’re considered for the job.

When updating your resume it is important to make sure your resume is correctly formatted. If this is a skill you need support in, there are resume writing services available. When choosing this option make sure you can proofread and edit the final document to add new experience, skills and information.

Tip #2 – Don’t skimp on resume details

Your resume should include when and where you have previously worked. We believe only detailing anything relevant to your current career, it is not necessary to detail all the way back to your first after-school job at Maccas. Clearly list the exact machinery you have operated, serviced or built, including the machinery model names.

Your qualifications, licences and tickets are also a valuable piece to the puzzle. It is important you detail when and where you acquired relevant qualifications as this is something your potential employer will be looking at. It also not appropriate to tell a potential employer your age and they probably don’t want to hear about your pets and hobbies.

Tip #3 – Explain gaps in work history

Our recruiters mentioned its okay to have breaks and irregularities in your work history, but you should be prepared to explain to them. Most recruiters and potential employers will want more information surrounding any gaps they see. The key is to be honest and upfront about your history.  A police background check or pre-employment medical is often requested and will identify any areas of concern.

Tip #4 – Check your online activity

Matt H says, make sure your online activity isn’t shooting you in the foot. The hilarious email you created in primary school to amuse your mates may be a barrier to receiving job offers. There are plenty of free email providers out there, so consider creating a new email account dedicated to professional use.

Also, be wary that employers increasingly scan job candidates’ social media profiles. Check your Facebook privacy settings and make sure any images or comments that are publicly visible are ones you are happy for potential employers to see.

Tip #5 – Walk & talk workplace safety

A good understanding of safety is very high on employers’ list of desired qualities in a candidate. Matt always looks for good safety behaviours in his candidates, so he recommends being prepared to answer safety-related questions in your interview.

While these five points are far from everything you should consider, they’re a great place to start for improving your chances of getting hired by SESLS and more generally across the mining industry.

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