SES Labour Solutions works with clients across the mining, oil & gas, construction and industrial sectors to deliver solutions that drive project success whilst delivering cost savings. Our clients include a variety of large organisations through to smaller family run businesses across Australia. Our ability to work with our partner clients to ensure positive outcomes through flexible solutions drives our success and is at the heart of what we aim to be known for.

SES Labour Solutions was born from the mining and construction sector and to this day continues to have close affiliations that enable us to not only source labour for projects but deliver comprehensive solutions that work. We strive to simplify projects and allow our clients to focus on their core activities while we take care of their onsite work force needs.

By providing a service that challenges the traditional concept of labour hire being a supplementary option, we aim to manage all our clients’ labour issues in a joint consultative effort for the length of a project. We can custom fit a solution that is unique to each of our partners or projects.