Nathan Sharpe’s experience at Diggers and Dealers


Nathan Sharpe recently attended the Diggers and Dealers conference in Kalgoorlie so we asked him a few questions about the event.

Why did you attend Diggers and Dealers this year?

Everything in life is about learning, Diggers and Dealers is a great opportunity to learn what’s going on in the different sectors like gold, iron ore, nickel and the rest of it and get a better understanding of the difficulties facing those sectors and how we can help solve those problems.


Did you talk to many influential figures?

“Yeah, I got to talk to heaps of influential people from the industry, unfortunately I did miss John Howard on Monday morning but from all reports he opened the event with a great keynote. I think he set the tone for the whole event, talking about how important the resources sector is to Australia.”

Did you see or experience anything new there?

“Yeah definitely you always see something interesting in the hall, one of the stalls had an underground simulator which let you experience operating underground machinery in virtual reality.”

What was the standout experience you had the event?

“Yeah probably the general level of professionalism, everyone there is really trying help each and help the industry succeed. You know from 8 – 5pm everyone is engaging and looking at how they can work with each other and of course at night time everyone goes and has some casual beers. It is a very unique event in that regard everyone is there for 4 days so you really get to know the people you’re meeting with.”


Would you go back again?

“Yes would definitely go back again, the general positive atmosphere of the whole event really makes it one of the highlights of the year.”