Meet the Team

A mix of recruitment, heavy industry and rugby union professionals working together to support our clients’ projects.

Nathan Sharpe

Nathan Sharpe – Executive General Manager

Nathan took a lot of hard hits playing rugby for his country and he is willing to do the hard yards for our clients too. Nathan’s experience in the rugby world made him battle hardened to deal with the ever-changing and competitive world of labour hire in the resources and construction sectors. His communication skills, strategic approach to business and people management skills give him the edge when providing solutions to our clients. All those years of competitive drive, commitment and black eyes have prepared him well for the challenges we face in today’s labour market.

Chris Salmon

Chris Salmon – Director

Chris is a founding partner and director of SES Labour Solutions with a background that is steeped in family history and experience in our sectors dating as far back as the early 1940s. Chris knows the world of earthmoving, having been brought up around the yellow machines and combining this with a career in commerce and economics, he is able to provide the support and expertise our clients need.